A downloadable game for Windows

As cities begin to sink, you as The Diver, have to progress down the dark oceans to find the source of it all!

You as The diver will be faced with many dangers such as collapsing rocks, and specific puzzles that will make you uncover pathways that will let you explore our underwater adventure in the form of a 2D platformer maze to find "the source".

This game is only a prototype at the current moment.


2A.zip 12 MB
Game.rar 8 MB


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It's a platforming game that hasn't yet incorporated the platforming. I'm not aware of what the game is about, just that you're a diver in the ocean. It reminds me of all other platformers. I'd guess the objective is to reach the end. I don't think your game has a set audience at this stage. It's not fun yet. It's easy, until you reach the bug on platform 1. The art style is retro and cool enough, just needs more. I'd add working platforms, and enemies.